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It all started in a very mundane manner but here is how the story goes: Our work entails visiting slum neighborhoods on a regular basis. I have come to discover that no two visits to the same neighbourhood are ever the same. On this particular day in 2009, I went

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My Ikota Experience

  For nights, I could not sleep after my first visit to Ikota. I have always had this desire to lend a helping hand to the poor and needy, hence my decision to volunteer with Bethesda. I had no knowledge of the deplorable state of the people of Ikota and

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Dear Child

  You are the promise of a better today Hope for a brighter world Our expectations of you are high Yet your constraints and Challenges are many But true greatness was never Attained without a  struggle nor Victory without a foe   We are our greatest foes We battle daily

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Adopt-A-School Challenge

Valentine’s Day has always meant the same thing to me, a day when I buy the person I love most a gift. I usually spare no expense as I look to buy something expensive and classy so this person will know that I care about them. I guess most of

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Is Education important?

There are many people in our country who fail to see the importance of education. This was the first thing I learnt working with Bethesda Child Support Agency. Bethesda is non-profit organisation which focusses on providing basic education to less-privileged children for FREE. Free is the key word we tell

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The Bethesda Beneficiary.

  Thirteen years ago, I was born in a slum just on the outskirts of Lagos. I was said to be very skinny mostly because that year had been very difficult for my parents. My father had grown weary of hearing stories about men from his village – Naze, crossing

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The Children of Ikota

The sun hit me with its harsh rays immediately I stepped out of the car. The coolness I enjoyed from the air condition in the car quickly vanished and I reached to rub my palm on my exposed neck instinctively. We had come to a Bethesda School in Ikota to

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Living Stories (Ikota Edition)

Meet Joy, she is 12 years old but the things she has been through are way beyond normal for a 12 year old! A normal family involves a father, mother and siblings living happily under the same roof. At least that was what we were told in Social Studies class

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Bethesda Begins A New Classroom Project.

Since its inception Bethesda has provided free qualitative education for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Lagos and Ogun state. Our four schools located in Ikota, Ijaiye, matogun and bariga have focused mainly on Nursery and Primary Education with most of our secondary school students attending various secondary schools around their

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Hope In The Form Of Health24

Most people usually stay home in their beds on a cool Saturday morning, taking a break from the stress they had endured throughout the week. The streets are usually quiet and empty except for those going for a morning walk, jog or run along the road side. The Saturday on July 15, 2017 was different,

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